Saturday, September 03, 2011

Ocean Blues

An artist looking for inspiration will never run out of it, if he'd just look to the ocean: 

                                 La Union beachbreak 2011. photo by Charlie S. Gomez

the shores of Samar, high noon, low tide. taken April 2011

storm brewing in La Union, June 2011. Photo by Charlie S. Gomez

Maine surfers, painting by Paul Rafferty

"Sans Titre Fond Bleu" 81 x 100 cm, in oil, by my current artist-obsession...the late, great, immortal Nena Saguil (and when i say obsession I mean it! I can't stop researching & reading about her). Her works just mesmerize me & pull me in.  I dream to own 1 of her paintings one day.  

and this one is by my good friend Karina Baluyut, whose love for her craft is always inspiring & infectious for me...

"Water Bearer", Karina Baluyut. For more of her works check out Galerie Francesca (SM Megamall), Galerie Joaquin in (P.Guevara, San Juan) & Galerie Raphael in Serendra.

Laura Trevey painting

1 of my favorite Pagudpud photos, eyeing out waves w/ CTL's Nikki dela Paz. 

Siargao 2007 or 08....i'm not sure anymore when I took this...but it was my desktop wallpaper for weeks providing cool eye candy on stressful office days. Oh, all those coooool hues of blues! 

Even 2 out of my 3 boards are white & blue...
early Zambales days

with cousin Isabel, December 2007 (?)

How I would like to spend my honeymoon 1 day (hahaha!), really....

enough blues to inspire an art collection, a fashion collection, 
or the color scheme of an entire house. 
Nature is just so rich & God is just so genius. 

just because of this color palette, you already know there's an ocean outside this room. 
I'm very sure. 
(all 3 photos above are from Slim Paley)

perfect twin little guest beds! i am currently coveting that blue retro lamp 

ocean blue swirl even on a salad plate...

Alice in Wonderland in ocean-blue Versace couture

even Chanel can't help it.  Fall 2011 nail polish colors. 

....and that would be enough blue for the week. So I'll end this post w/ 1 of my fave "eye-coolers'...a serene image of aqua, dove, & cerulean blues, broken by a surfer's board 
cutting through the frothy white mush.  
taken at Ilocos Norte by my cousin Charlie S. Gomez

Have an inspired week everyone! :-)

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