Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Slit, Saturated, & Shattered

I've been postponing this entry on some more fashion/ interior trends since I was more excited to write about the Cebu showrooms...plus the weekend surf trips had me working double time in the office. So anyway I felt the urgency to post this NOW since we all know how fashion trends come and go, they're here now & gone the next minute so if I postpone this for another week, well, it won't be as inspiring: 

From style.com Fall Fashion Week (NYC):
saturated pants colors
(L to R: Yigal Azrouel, Karen Walker, Prabal Gurung, Phillip Lim)

Graphic Tartan prints
(Most wearable for me is the 3rd one, from Band of Outsiders)

High Slits
Always alluring! And always OK for tanned & toned legs :-)

Tuxedo Dressing
Cute! Not for the heavily built like me, I would say. Better on skinny & dainty girls. 
(L to R: Prabang, Wu, Azrouel, R.Lauren)

 A lot of royal blues from Yves Klein

Watta (royal blue) beauty. Wow. 

And of course I always have to squeeze in a room that is "saturated" in pink. Why yes, it can be done. How long do you think you can stay inside this room? Because the designer kept the floor neutral, it's surprisingly liveable. :-)

Or, you can just use it on panels & doors if you're "scared to commit" to such a solid color:
from getmedia.com

OR, for the even more scared, just use splashes of it on walls, literally:
from getmedia.com

Aaaaand back to fashion...

YSL came out w/ these turquoise nail colors. I can definitely do this and put 1 layer of black Opi Shatter, thanks to ndpTammy Pineda! It has to look like this after:

see the demo video below: 

My OPI Shatter arrived last week & I just have to find the time to sit down & use it. 
Maybe tonight when all my work's done. Something to do to wait out the storm. 
(yes, Typhoon Pedring ongoing as I type).

Stay safe everyone! 

 And as of 9am the next day... here is my OPI shatter 

Please don't mind the pudgy man-hands. Isn't the shatter awesome?!? 
I used aqua as base coat. Next time I'll use hot pink. :-)

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