Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Twin-Lamps Kitchen

When I see an unconventional but charming idea, I try to fantasize how I could use it for myself...and the longer I get used to the image, the more I wonder why it wasn't conventional in the first place.

Like this kitchen from William B. Litchfield showing 2 rustic lamps flanking an old-fashioned kitchen sink.  Table lamps aren't usually used in the kitchen much more placed beside the sink, maybe because of fear of electrocution? (haha) But really, it's not THAT dangerous...as long as it's put at a safe distance from the water supply, and it doesn't get "elbowed" during the busiest of chores.  

I love the clean white cabinets,  the cast-iron sink, the graceful Victorian-looking faucet, the stainless steel of the oven breaking all that white.  And since I LOVE marble in all forms & sizes, the star of the kitchen, for me, is the countertop & the splashboard.  Hands down! 

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