Thursday, September 15, 2011

Rad Trad!

It's always a visual feast for me to see how designers can fuse old & new & still come up with stunning interiors.  I always get captivated by the unlikely mixes & study how & why these interiors work.  These are some of my recent favorite images of eclectic design: 

La Gaite Lyrique de Paris by Archt. Manuelle Gautrand.
Built in the 1860's, it was recently reopened as a venue for digital culture after being closed for 20 years. 

the lit cubes & UFO-looking light fixtures revitalized the museum
modern & simple (but sturdy-looking) seating proves easy on the eyes
against the heavily vaulted & frescoed ceiling

L'Opera Garnier Restaurant

L'Opera Garnier Restaurant

from The Cool Hunter. Neon lights weave in & out of an old bldg
Jean-Charles de Castelbajac (Bazaar de l"hotel de Ville)

The clean-cut bookshelves, Le Corb chair, & that oversized metal uplight look, well,
perfectly imperfect for this classic white room! 

hotel room design by Martin Margiela: cottage meets classic meets Hollywood

interior by Richard Guilette. Check out the rad carpet! I dunno how but it still complemented the Sherlock Holmes-y room. Gives a fresh twist to an otherwise stuffy surrounding, dontchathink? 

I can't help but squeeze in this image, a Prada campaign from years ago.
Tie-dyed, ethnic-inspired prints on classic lady-like silhouettes? YES please!
Have an inspired, rad-trad weekend everyone! :-)

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