Sunday, January 08, 2012

OK Surfless Sunday

No surf today but it was an easy  & ordinary Sunday.  I had eggs, cheddar cheese, & bacon for breakfast. Downed with a cup of coffee, of course.  For someone who sadly doesn't get to sit down for any breakfast lately, you could consider that the happy highlight of my day. :-)

uhm, no. this is not me.
(Behati Prinsloo...duh)

will never tire of this breaky. If only I could have bacon everyday & if only it wasn't such a killer!

Threw on my Coast Thru Life "Beamer" shirt & my Azkals cap...and then I was out the door. 

photo from Coast Thru Life

watched the Philippine Azkals vs LA Galaxy game last December....LIVE!

(random reflection: I think I will always have a lifelong love affair with surfing and football.)

So I and my cousin went to visit my Lola at the hospital then ate lunch & hung out at the Legaspi Sunday Market.  Bumped into some friends there.  Then walked around Eastwood w/ my Aunt Maricar, & went to mass at UP by myself. It was rain, rain, rain all day.  Thank God I got so many umbrellas as presents for Christmas. :-) 

Went to UP Diliman for Mass.  I like going all the way to UP for mass whenever I could because of the ff reasons: 

The chapel is circular, and the altar is right in the center of the circle. Fr. Delaney would ask, “What do you put in the center of your life? What do you value most? Money? Power? Prestige? Want what is truly most valuable, what truly lasts.”*

"The U.P. chapel has doorways, but no doors. The chapel cannot be closed; it has no doors. Like the Heart of God – it is always open to everyone."*

*Text from the article "Fire Trees and Sunsket Sky" by Dr. Onofre Pagsanjan.

More Trivia for the inner Nerd in all of Us: 

The chapel was designed by Archt Leandro Locsin who is a National Artist for Architecture.  It was the first dome structure in the Philippines with the "stack effect" which lets church-goers enjoy passive cooling--- it is still relevant & practical today. Genius.

The unusual ceiling-mounted, two-sided crucifix and altar table were made by Napoleon Abueva (a distant relative, I’m proud to say!), a National Artist for sculpture and the Father of modern Philippine sculpture. The wall murals depicting the stations of the cross were done by Vicente Manansala and Ang Kiukok, while the floor pattern entitiled The River of Life was made by Arturo Luz, all three being National Artists for painting.  --from Design Folder

If I counted that right, that's 5 (read: FIVE) National Artists under 1 roof. And the best part is, it's still being widely used & enjoyed by the public today.  :-)

Of course, I also couldn't resist having my tapsilog fix at Rodic's before goin home:

Tops in my Comfort Food list.
:-) :-) :-)

Went home, had my late night snack-- lemon green tea with banana bread & grapes.  :-) All day feel-good food...from breakfast to dinner to midnight snack. 

Thanks Jonathan for the moist banana bread gift 

Then I sat down for my weekly dose of TV.   Ahhhhh...these are what I'll be excited about for 2012!!! (well, as far as Hollywood is concerned)...

W.E. is the story of Wallis Simpson & King Edward VIII. I want to watch it because it is written & directed by Madonna. 

I heard she was booed at the premiere. But I don't care! To me she can do no wrong.
Plus, I'm sure the production design---costumes, sets, makeup, and interiors--
will all be worth seeing on its own.  
Manang Mads hanging out with Rocco, Ritchie, and Lourdes
(feeling kinakapatid ko lang!) 

know this famous guy? 
played in a movie by this guy?

It's Edgar Allan Poe played by John Cusack in "The Raven"!!!
John Cusaaaaaaaaack!!! *#1 crush* 

and next...

And of course Movie #3 is "The Avengers". Excited to the max to see this with my friends  at the cinema!
(Thank you Nikki for my Avengers education.  It will all pay off now). :-)

and lastly & randomly, I can't wait for Demi Moore to make Ashton Kutcher eat dirt.   There was only 1 caption under this photo when I found it & I couldn't agree more.  It says.....

Demi Moore for Harper's Bazaar

Hahahahahaaaa!!!  I guess I would say, "looking good is the best...anything!"  You don't have to wait to be vengeful about anything to look this good. And Ashton Kutcher is indeed an idiot. 

It's the best stress-buster, motivator, incentive, reward, upper, time-killer, gift to self & husband/ boyfriend/ children/ boss/client/staff, etc...whatever you wanna call it.  So girls and boys, don't be too hard on yourselves.  Have yourselves Easy Sundays once in a while & eat fried eggs & bacon or banana bread-w/-tea or  tapsilog or whatever makes you feel happy for the day. They don't call 'em comfort food for nothing.  If you feel good inside psychologically, mentally, emotionally & spiritually, the toxins that your bodies emit from stress won't have a chance to destroy or kill you.  That's the truth behind the "if you feel good, you'll look good!" slogan.  Stress can be ugly and fatal & we don't want that, right? 

Visit the sick, especially your loved ones.  Don't let a little rain ruin your day. Eat cake.  Be generous & kind to strangers.   Cut yourself some slack.  Listen to your mom's chatter while she is answering the Sunday puzzle, even if it's annoying since you're trying to watch TV! 

Ma: "Anak, sino nga yung aso sa Peter Pan?" 
Me: "Si Nana". 
Ma: "Ayuuun! Eh sino nga yung boyfriend ni Nancy Drew? 3 letters."
Me: "Si Ned"
Ma: "Ha? Eh baket dito T ang last letter?"

hahahaha! wala nako nasagot.  :-p

Most importantly, set aside time for God & let that other kind of "nourishment" fill you up, too.  Believe me, it's great. :-) Everything else just falls into place. 

Well...plenty of work await me tomorrow.  For that I am thankful! 

probably the scene again tomorrow.  Jan 5, 2012 at Grupo Santamaria Interior Design office.
Archie, Fred, & Bambi meeting.
(Rhyc & Eds....parang lalabas si Sadako sa screen sa sobrang titig niyo ah).

hahaha! from pinterest

Good night! 


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  1. Great entry Nins! Loved the insight on the heart of God. Also LOVE Rodic's tapsilog. I don't think I can go to UP Shopping Center without going to Rodic's!