Friday, January 06, 2012

Pink Pants Day

This blog is turning out to be a fun way of organizing my thoughts. my very first entry, titled "Hello!"  (haha, sorry I wasn't very creative that day), I wrote, "I intend for this to be a personal collection & reference of inspiration and anyone interested is welcome to take a look".  

I guess you could take that as a disclaimer for days like these when I will be posting totally random, nonsense stuff whatsoever that won't really make anyone's world a better place...well, except mine, maybe. :-) If you find something in here that could inspire you or make you smile for the day, then I got far more than i hoped for & I'd call it a good day, then! 

Because today I will write pink pants. *cough, cough*. Ya, you heard me right...HOT PINK PANTS!!! Bear with me, please. 

So I started my day with no more jeans left in my apartment closet. All I had were about a dozen skirts (which I kinda reserve for days I'm meeting-hopping w/ clients), black lycra leggings (uhmm..doesn't really feel like a leggings-day today), and hiding under a big pile of surf shirts, was my pair of hot pink pants.  

It was great that I saw it because it totally felt like the right thing to wear today---don't ask me why. Maybe because it was cotton & comfy & I knew I was going to log in looong hours at the office today.  I bought it for a good reason-- when Rajo Laurel threw a birthday bash last May 2011 it said attire: PINK on the invitation. (Click on the link to see the fun & creative pink decor by Bambi Hernandez!). And of course I had to shop for something brightly pink to celebrate a birthday, pastels just won't do! 

the pink haze inside Rajo's party at Opus in Resorts World
(sorry blurry, this just from my camera phone)

Oddly enough, the next time I wore the pants was to my cousin Charlie's despedida at the same bar 2 months later. 

black-(& pink)-&-yellow...and zebra stripes!
cousins get together

And I wore it again. I paired it with a cream top w/ long sleeves, my blue snakeskin Yosi Samra, and my black Le Pliage bag to "bring down" all that pink. I wore my lola's pearl earrings, my "pang-harabas" silver Timex watch & a Php 100 vintage-y amber ring. 

And because I am having so much fun with Polyvore lately, allow me to share this with you: what my entire day looked like based on my silly pants...

Polyvore is awesome. If my entire day had to flash in front of me now, THIS WOULD BE IT.
A memory can be a JPEG within minutes. Do you think that's good or bad?

Yeah I know, babaw right? But all of the above is true & it was so relaxing to put it all together when the day ended!  I really had a tuna sandwich for lunch, endless coffee refills, and faced my trusty MacbookPro for an entire 7 hours sitting on the office's black Eames knockoff chair.  And I really had dark red nail polish on.  :-)

The only things not in the photo that was SO a part of my day was Marco's Christmas gift--chocolate crinkles w/c I munched on almost all day

I tried, but my photo did NOT show justice to how MOIST & YUMMY this cookie is!
It kept me going today. :-P
thanks, Marco. 

and the work I was doing for the afternoon:

This is the Monaco Hotel in Venice.  It's my peg for a Bridal Lounge I'm doing right now.
(Sssssssh, that's all you're getting, wait til it's done guys!)

Before you all scream, "who cares?!?" please go back to the disclaimer at the start of this entry (Hahaha!).  In the meantime, I'll share with you the future color combos I would like to try next time I wear my pink pants: 

I love that it was paired w/ green pointy heels

SJP in a fiery combo

I definitely hope to find a wrap-around flowy blouse like this, too.   To pair w/ any colored pants whether verdant green or royal blue or Pantone's color of the year, "Tangerine Tango".   Would look good paired w/ some classy heels as well.  Browse my choices below: 

YSL pumps

Miu Miu

Stuart Weitzman

Meanwhile, I will be taking another happy look at my snakeskin Samras (undeniably the BEST ballet flats) and bid you all goodnight!
available in Trinoma & Rockwell
coming soon: Alabang Town Center

I'd like to thank the local department store for my pink pants, Yosi Samra for my ballet flats, and San Juan, La Union for my ugly reef cuts.  Haaaaay! I guess no amount of color can cover up the scars of a surfer :-)


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